About us

About us

You have probably clicked the “about us” section, because you are curious and want to know who has created this travel blog. Maybe because you want to know who has undertaken the awesome holidays, maybe because you want to know more about the purpose of this website or maybe you want to develop a sense of the credibility
of the tips and tricks provided. Whatever your reason is to visit this section of our blog, we are more than happy to provide you with some insights about us.

In short, we are:

  • Tom and Renée
  • Dutchies
  • In our early thirties
  • Addicted to traveling
  • Realized our biggest dream: traveling around the world
  • Hoping to provide you with inspiration and useful tips for your travel adventures

More curious? Not yet convinced? Here is the long story.

We discovered the wonders of traveling after our graduation…

After graduation we decided to explore the USA and left for a 2-month trip. We were amazed by the beautiful landscapes, the difference in culture and the freedom that traveling brings. Hence, we decided to undertake a trip at least once a year, preferably more often if our bosses would allow us. As of 2007 we have made several trips in different continents. We hope we can continue our travel, as our wish list keeps on expanding. Over the years we have increasingly searched for destinations that are still pure, have beautiful nature and are not yet visited by the big crowds. We value active trips with a lot of hiking, meeting local people and a sustainable way of travel. We always leave well prepared, but without any booking or a fixed plan.

We have realized our dream and traveled the world for 9-months…

During our shorter trips, we started dreaming of exploring the world for a longer period. We feel very lucky that we could realize this dream and that we have been on our 9-month journey around the world. We have spent a lot of time with preparations for this trip, including all practicalities that needed to be arranged as well as daydreaming about the destinations we could possibly visit.

We want to keep you posted via www.nowisthetimetotravel.com…

One of the things that we thought of during our preparations was how we could provide our family and friends with updates on our travel. What started with the idea of sending updates by e-mail, grew to creating a travel blog with information that could be interesting for other travelers. After our 9-month trip we kept on posting blogs. With this blog we hope to inspire you to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world and to give you some useful tips and tricks!

Tips, feedback or questions? Feel free to contact us!

Tom and Renée

Travel with us!

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