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The most beautiful shots of our world trip

Already more than one year ago we came back from our amazing world trip. Still every day we are enjoying our memories, pictures, timelapses and movies. Want to enjoy them with us? Check out this short movie with our most beautiful shots!    

The highlights of Malawi, the warm heart of Africa

After reading our previous blog on Mozambique, it is time to give you an overview of our highlights of Malawi. Malawi is also called the “warm heart of Africa”. This is not because of its high temperatures, although it can be very hot there (especially when you visit at the start of the rainy season). […]

Our 7 highlights of Mozambique

Mozambique, what a special country! Read here about our highlights of Mozambique. Mozambique is an immense country and therefore it was impossible to visit all beautiful spots. We decided to focus on the northern part with its empty beaches, green tea plantations and challenging roads. With the lack of other tourists, it felt we had […]

We’ve been back on the road in Mozambique and Malawi

After being back in the Netherlands for several months after our world trip, it was time to get back on the road again. Because normal life is taking over again, this time we “just” went for a regular holiday. Our destination: a combination of northern Mozambique and southern Malawi. What brought us there? During our […]

A visa on arrival in Iran? Yes, it is possible!

Thinking about visiting Iran? We can highly recommend it (read more about our visit here)! Some people are put off because they have heard stories about cumbersome visa application processes. We found out that the visa process is not that bad. It is possible to get a visa on arrival in Iran. Well, at least […]

8 tips for a stress free visit to Iran

Before we set off to visit Iran, we thought it would require a lot of preparation. It turned out that bringing a visit to Iran is quite straightforward, although you need to come a little prepared. We provide you with 8 tips for a stress free visit to Iran. Also check this post to read […]

The fun of traveling is to meet people

Much of the fun of traveling is to meet people. Think about your favorite holiday. Why did you like it so much? A high chance that it is linked to the people you were traveling with, the friendliness of the local people or conversations with special persons you have met. During our travel we have […]

Turning dreams into reality: how to visit French Polynesia on a budget?

White sand beaches, coconut trees, clear blue lagoons and tropical fishes… You have probably dreamed about this. The tough reality is that these tropical paradises tend to be expensive and therefore out of reach to many. This especially holds for the tropical paradises in the Pacific Ocean, like French Polynesia. On our world trip we […]

Back to reality after an unforgettable 9-month world trip

Back to reality: we wake up early to go to our work, we have bread and cheese for lunch and we are wearing our winter jackets. Although we loved to travel the world, to meet new people and to experience a feeling of complete freedom, we realized that ‘back to reality’ is also very valuable […]

Welcome to the Middle East!

The last weeks of our world trip we spent in the Middle East. Our initial plan to end our journey in Ethiopia had changed, because of a worsening security situation. So we thought the Middle East would be a a nice alternative. Iran, Oman and Dubai here we come! Iran: not dangerous at all When […]

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