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Highlights of Kyrgyzstan: why should I go there?

Telling that you are planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan often triggers the question: “What on earth are the highlights of Kyrgyzstan and what are you going to do there?” Followed by a second question: “Is it safe there?” We read stories on beautiful mountains and the absence of tourists and decided to give it a […]

Kyrgyzstan and you: a perfect match?

According to us Kyrgyzstan is a perfect destination for the independent, adventurous, nature-loving traveler on a relatively small budget. We realize it is not suited for everyone. The luxurious well-organized travelers can better stay away. Complete the short survey below and you will find out whether Kyrgyzstan and you are a perfect match!

Bishkek: definitely worthwhile to visit

Most guidebooks write that there is not much to do and see in Bishkek. We met several travelers who wanted to leave as soon as possible… We actually do value what the city has to offer. It is a perfect spot to start and end a trip to Kyrgyzstan.

Hiking in Ala Archa and the fun to get there

Can you think of a better activity than hiking on your final day in mountainous Kyrgyzstan? We couldn’t. Therefore, we opted for a day of hiking in Ala Archa on our final day. The Ala Archa state nature park is very close to Bishkek and is located within the Ala-Too range. It is a very […]

Lake Song Kol: hiking, horse-riding and sleeping in a yurt

Our time at Lake Song Kol was really amazing. We experienced 4 seasons in a couple of days, slept in yurts and even made it onto a horse or donkey. It was quite a tough hike to get there and facilities at the lake are very basic, but we definitely wouldn’t want to have missed […]

Hiking in Karakol: Ala-Kol lake and hotsprings in Altyn-Arachan

After visiting Almaty and Bishkek and a day at the beach of Lake Issyk-Kul, it was time for some more action. Mountains of Karakol, here we come!

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