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A visa on arrival in Iran? Yes, it is possible!

Thinking about visiting Iran? We can highly recommend it (read more about our visit here)! Some people are put off because they have heard stories about cumbersome visa application processes. We found out that the visa process is not that bad. It is possible to get a visa on arrival in Iran. Well, at least […]

8 tips for a stress free visit to Iran

Before we set off to visit Iran, we thought it would require a lot of preparation. It turned out that bringing a visit to Iran is quite straightforward, although you need to come a little prepared. We provide you with 8 tips for a stress free visit to Iran. Also check this post to read […]

Welcome to the Middle East!

The last weeks of our world trip we spent in the Middle East. Our initial plan to end our journey in Ethiopia had changed, because of a worsening security situation. So we thought the Middle East would be a a nice alternative. Iran, Oman and Dubai here we come! Iran: not dangerous at all When […]

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