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The most beautiful shots of our world trip

Already more than one year ago we came back from our amazing world trip. Still every day we are enjoying our memories, pictures, timelapses and movies. Want to enjoy them with us? Check out this short movie with our most beautiful shots!    

The fun of traveling is to meet people

Much of the fun of traveling is to meet people. Think about your favorite holiday. Why did you like it so much? A high chance that it is linked to the people you were traveling with, the friendliness of the local people or conversations with special persons you have met. During our travel we have […]

Back to reality after an unforgettable 9-month world trip

Back to reality: we wake up early to go to our work, we have bread and cheese for lunch and we are wearing our winter jackets. Although we loved to travel the world, to meet new people and to experience a feeling of complete freedom, we realized that ‘back to reality’ is also very valuable […]

Most frequently asked questions about our trip around the world

Of course we are very excited about our plans to travel the world for 9 months and therefore kept on talking about it ;). Talking to friends, family and colleagues about our trip, often the same questions popped up. So we thought it would be nice to write a summary of the most frequently asked […]

Bye bye the Netherlands, hello world trip!

Yeah! Today we finally left to start our world trip. After months of preparation we were really excited to step into the plane in Düsseldorf. But first the most important message: we have safely arrived in Miami, which is the first destination of our 9-month world trip. We will spend a week in Florida and […]

We have a bucket list (yes, we have)…

You probably have several items in mind you definitely want to realize in your life, before you turn 30 (30 often seems to be a difficult milestone as serious life seems to kick in after) or before you start your professional career and spend most of your time in the office building. Some make these […]

Prepare for hiking: 8 tips to survive on your own

Don’t underestimate the power (and convenience) to properly prepare for hiking, especially when going on a multi-day hike independently and in remote areas. Specifically for those new to hiking, we thought the below tips would come in handy. We realize that not to everyone preparation sounds like a lot of fun. However, given you will […]

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