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The most beautiful shots of our world trip

Already more than one year ago we came back from our amazing world trip. Still every day we are enjoying our memories, pictures, timelapses and movies. Want to enjoy them with us? Check out this short movie with our most beautiful shots!    

8 tips for a stress free visit to Iran

Before we set off to visit Iran, we thought it would require a lot of preparation. It turned out that bringing a visit to Iran is quite straightforward, although you need to come a little prepared. We provide you with 8 tips for a stress free visit to Iran. Also check this post to read […]

Back to reality after an unforgettable 9-month world trip

Back to reality: we wake up early to go to our work, we have bread and cheese for lunch and we are wearing our winter jackets. Although we loved to travel the world, to meet new people and to experience a feeling of complete freedom, we realized that ‘back to reality’ is also very valuable […]

Welcome to the Middle East!

The last weeks of our world trip we spent in the Middle East. Our initial plan to end our journey in Ethiopia had changed, because of a worsening security situation. So we thought the Middle East would be a a nice alternative. Iran, Oman and Dubai here we come! Iran: not dangerous at all When […]

Remarkable impressions of clean and green New Zealand

To be honest, we had some difficulties to leave French Polynesia behind. If you read our previous blog, you will understand why. If you haven’t, just get amazed here. On the other hand, we were also looking forward to our new and active adventure: New Zealand. Our first challenge Only a couple of days before we left […]

Our most memorable moments in the paradise of French Polynesia

‘WOW!’ This is what we thought when we arrived in French Polynesia, a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Type in this destination on google and you will understand what we mean (yes, it really looks like this). Because of its blue lagoons, white beaches, green mountains and coconut-trees we felt […]

The legendary statues of Easter Island

After saying goodbye to Buddha, we hopped into a plane to cross the Pacific Ocean. Why not introducing a few stops in this immense ocean? So that is exactly what we did. Our first stop was Easter Island, a very remote and tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. It takes 6 hours to […]

A fun road trip with our Buddha through the Atacama Desert in Chile

Buddha? Who or what is that? Let us first introduce you to Buddha, our tiny campervan and our home and transportation for a period of 2 weeks. We rented Buddha in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to make a road trip through the Atacama Desert. Our goal was to arrive in Santiago de Chile […]

Dancing and driving our way through the Salar de Uyuni

In one word: AMAZING! That is how we would describe our tour through the Salar de Uyuni and the Los Lípez region. The Salar de Uyuni comprises the immense and surreal salt flats, while Los Lípez is a beautiful and wild region in the southwestern corner of Bolivia. Together with Emilie, Arnaud, Stephanie, Lotte and […]

From cozy Sucre to freezing Uyuni

After La Paz it was time to move on to the real capital of Bolivia, Sucre. We spent several days in this beautiful city with its old colonial buildings. Read below about our pleasant stay in a cute apartment, our walk on the roof of a church and how we celebrated Tom’s birthday. And not […]

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